L&T Infotech Interview Experience For BTech Campus Recruitment 2020

L&T Infotech


L&T Infotech: I’m a student from the Mechanical stream aiming for campus placements at our college. We have got L&T Infotech company to our college with two pay scales(two levels) – 

Salary package for final selected candidates

* Level 1: INR 5 LPA

* Level 2: INR 6.5 LPA

6.5 LPA package is for those who could perform well in the coding question in the written test and 5 LPA is for those who couldn’t code in the test. Virtual Hiring process has 3 stages to get a job at L&T Infotech.

Stage 1 – Written Test

The written test has 5 sections and students can choose their order of attempting them. L&T exam has sectional cutoff and overall cut off, so he/she has to be moderately good at all the sections.   

Section 1 –  Quantitative Aptitude – MCQ – 10 questions

This section consists of 10 multiple choice questions with 4 options each, out of which one is correct. The questions are of easy to moderate level of difficulty. The challenge here is to complete 10 questions in 10 minutes, i.e. we get an average time of 1 minute per question. So, we should be quick enough to solve them with high accuracy. I could solve almost all the questions, though quite doubtful with the correctness of one or two questions. 

Section 2 – Logical Reasoning MCQ – 10 Questions – 10 minutes

The pattern of this section is the same as the Quantitative aptitude part. This section has moderate level questions. As far as I remember, questions varied from ‘finding next number in the series’ to ‘complete the given figure’ or ‘ Find the next figure from the given patterns’.It went well but I was very doubtful with 2-3 questions but didn’t lose hope.

Section 3 – Verbal MCQ – 10 Questions – 10 minutes

This is one of the easiest sections I have come across in the whole paper and was very surprised to see the questions of such an easy level as my expectations were quite high that we would at least get moderate difficulty level questions. Questions were of a very basic standard, which could be done by many people. Just that we should be careful while answering them without a hurry and make the correct choice.

Section 4 – Technical MCQ – 40 questions

Being a mechanical student, this section is something I was worried about, which requires me to be good at a lot of technical stuff. Questions from this section varied from concepts of OOPS, Programming basics, Types of loops, Pseudo codes/algorithms, Basics of SQL & PLSQL, Operating system basics, Basic HTML & SDLC. So, for this section, I have learned the basics of SQL, HTML, OOPs concepts from geeks for geeks and tutorialspoint websites, which I found very helpful to get an overview and learn basics of all the concepts.Al the question was of easy to moderate level of difficulty. I think I got around 30-32 questions correct and I was content with my performance. 

Section 5 – Paragraph Writing

A paragraph with less than 250 words is to be written on the given topic in 20 minutes. The topics were very general. I was given the topic “ What steps you would take to ensure the safety of women”. I could not write very well but made sure to add a few points which are important. This section would not be considered for evaluating your score in the written test, rather it would be asked in the interview to talk about.

Section 6 – Psychometric Test

List of personal response based questions   

Stage 2 – Technical Interview(TR)

I got to know that I got selected for the level 1 TR after 3 days of the written test but the dates of TR weren’t declared. So, I was relaxed and suddenly we got mail that we will have interviews the next day. I was quite surprised and shocked and revised the content I have written in my resume. On the next day, to my tension, I was on the starting list of candidates. I was very tense as it was my first ever interview and was just preparing for my self-introduction. And suddenly I was admitted into the meet(Microsoft teams) and the following questions were asked in the technical interview

  • Self Introduction
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why did you choose the mechanical stream?
  • Why do you want to shift to IT now?
  • What programming languages are you interested in? (Following questions are asked based on this answer.I said C, C++, basics of ML, SQL)
  • Difference between C and C++?
  • Explain OOPs Concepts.
  • Explain encapsulation in OOP with an example?
  • Tell logic to ‘if I give input as 1 output should be 0 and vice versa’ 
  • What is the superclass? ( I said ‘I don’t know’ )
  • What is Multithreading and explain its importance (  I said “ I’m not sure of that” )
  • Did you do any real-world projects?
  • Are you comfortable with working at any location if you are given a job at LTI?
  • Are you ok with the bond of 2 years?
  • Any questions you wanna ask me? (I asked about the job role) 

My interview lasted for approximately 20 minutes. And the interviewee is cool. It went moderately well and not too well but whatever I had said, I told with confidence and with good communication skills without stammering much. I wasn’t sure whether I would get selected for the HR as I was very straight forward and also as my friends’ interviews went very well compared to mine, but fortunately, I received an email for my HR interview.

More Jobs: Jobsplane

Stage 3 – HR Interview

These are the following questions which I was asked in the HR interview –

  • Self Introduction
  • How was it being a girl in a mechanical stream and what challenges you’ve faced?
  • Why did you choose IT now?
  • Why do you wanna join LTI?
  • What is your flexibility with different technologies? (or are you specified to only anyone tech)
  • What website would you make if you are given a chance right now?

( I asked her to give me a minute to think and fumbled in the beginning to explain. Later, I said about a platform/website to relate final year projects made by students to solve real-world problems in rural/urban areas with greater efficiency)

  •  Tell about the essay you have written during the written test ( My topic was “What steps you would take to ensure the safety of women”)
  • Do you have any certificates related to technical (programming) subjects? 
  • Are you ok with the bond of 2 years?
  • Any questions you wanna ask me? (I asked about philanthropic activities of LTI under CSR) 

After a few days, fortunately, I received an email that I got selected in the recruiting process. I realized that being good at basics, self-confidence, and luck contributes towards getting a job. ( And, sometimes CGPA matters too, preferably >7 or >7.5 ).

  • Student Name: Sumedha
  • Branch: Mechanical
  • College: Vasavi College of Engineering



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